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Scalar Waves


How Scalar Waves can Improve your Life

QuWave Products use Scalar Wave technology to deliver the Schumann Resonance and Solfeggio Frequencies directly to your brain and to your entire body!

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1. Scalar Fields, Scalar Waves, Scalar Energy, & Zero Point Energy 

We are all familiar with the common forms of energy like light, heat, sound, and electricity. These types of energy have both particle and wavelike properties, and they can be measured in terms of amplitude and frequency. They are known as transverse waves. Magnetism is an energy field that surrounds a moving electrical current, and can be detected by its effect on conductive metals.

You may not have heard of Scalar fields, but they are well known in astrophysics, geology, and hydrodynamics.

Scalar energy is closer in its properties to magnetism. It is composed of fifth-dimensional, non-linear, non-Hertzian standing waves. Instead of being focused in beams or running along wires, it tends to fill its environment.

Scalar energy is created when two common electromagnetic waves come together from two opposite converging vectors. When the energy vectors meet, the equal frequencies cancel each other leaving a static or stationary form of energy and zero frequency - this is the Scalar Zero Point Energy field.

Scalar fields exist out of relative time and space. Scalar energy does not radiate as waves but expands outwards in circles of energy. Scalar energy does not decay over time or distance from its source. It is unbounded and capable of passing through solid matter. This energy has the capacity to carry information, it has tremendous power. The space that the scalar energy occupies is not a vacuum but comprises a network of harmoniously balanced fields. This Scalar Energy occurs naturally and can also be created by electromagnetic generators.

Scalar energy cannot be measured by modern day instruments which are designed to measure hertzian energy frequencies and wavelengths. However, its effect on objects can be strikingly demonstrated with Kirlian photography or Gas Discharge Visualization.

2. Nikola Tesla & Albert Einstein

Nikola Tesla is claimed to be the father of Scalar Waves and was able to demonstrate the existence of Scalar Energy in 1899. Einstein acknowledged the existence of this form of energy in the 1920’s.

QuWave Harmonizer generates a Bio FieldQuWave products contain a miniaturized Tesla Wave Generator which Envelops your entire body with a Scalar Wave Energy Shield.

Tesla's name for this new type of energy was "Scalar Energy" or "Zero-Point Energy" or "Radiant Energy". This was perhaps the greatest scientific discovery in the history of the world, and it has gone largely unnoticed because of the great secrecy with which it has been held by all who know of it. It is the discovery of completely new kind of electromagnetic waves which exist in empty space, the empty space between the atoms of our bodies as well as the empty space above the earth and between the stars.
These waves constitute a kind of ocean of infinite energy, and it has now been discovered that this abundant energy can be coaxed to cross-over into our 3-dimensional world from their 5-dimensional realm, to be used to do work, and even heal the body of disease. This is the new world of scalar electromagnetics, or zero-point energy physics.

Tesla was able to prove the existence of these Scalar Zero Point Waves through the effects he achieved with his inventions, even though no measuring tool exists to measure scalar waves themselves.

Scalar Energy is more field like than wave like and it tends to fill the environment. It is capable of passing through solid objects with no loss of intensity. The effect of Scalar Energy is cumulative, it gets stronger with time. Scalar Energy is capable of imprinting itself on human DNA.

Scalar energy can be generated in a number of ways - electronically, magnetically, physically, or optically.

Scalar energy cannot be measured directly, since that would involve trying to measure something that is 5-dimensional with 3-dimensional equipment. However, its effect on objects into which it has been embedded can be strikingly demonstrated with Kirlian photography or Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV).

3. Scalar Energy Effect on Life

Today, we have to move beyond the Newtonian version of reality. We aren’t just a combination of little building blocks. Traditional science has told us that all energy can be measured and quantified, and if you can’t see it, you don’t need to believe it is real. However, in the field of Quantum physics, it has been shown that fields of energy impact and influence other fields of energy constantly. Thoughts have been shown to produce biological effects in humans, plants and organisms. Thoughts and other energy vibrations travel in an immeasurable, ever-present Scalar Zero Point Energy field.

The human body has crystalline structures in every cell wall that are capable of holding a charge. When the human body enters a Scalar field, the electro-magnetic field of the individual becomes stimulated. Scalar energy has this unique property which enables it to embed itself into objects in its field.

The QuWave Harmonizer uses Scalar technology to return the body to a more original and appropriate electrical matrix. A scalar energy field with health-boosting properties is generated by the device which envelopes everything exposed to it. One of the key benefits this provides is that it helps keep the electrical charge across cell membranes at an optimal level.

Scalar energy strengthens chemical bonds within DNA, making it more resistant to damage. Blood is cleansed and its cellular elements function as they should. Immune function improves. There is improved mental focus, with increased amplitude of all EEG frequencies, but particularly the lower ones. The 2 halves of the brain become more balanced, again shown by EEG’s. It creates an anti-depressant effect by direct action on cell neuro-transmitter movement.

The QuWave Harmonizer generates an active Scalar Energy field for improved well-being.

Scalar energy has some other amazing properties. It repairs itself. It can cancel out the harmful effects of 60 cycle power line pollution (which we have everywhere), electromagnetic fields, radiation, and microwaves.

Scalar Energy is a natural good energy & doesn't have any side effects, it can potentially harmonize your body's life-force by strengthening your bio-energy which achieves holistic wellness.

Scalar energy facilitates unclumping of cells and enhances circulation. This enhances nutrition in cells and facilitates carrying waste away from the cells. Scalar energy also improves the permeability of cell walls. Enhanced permeability helps facilitates the intake of nutrients into each and every cell and also aids the elimination of toxins from the cells. In this way, optimum cellular nutrition and detoxification is maintained. This in turn facilitates optimum cellular performance and function.

Scalar energy is able to maintain optimum energy levels for healthy cellular function. This help to retard regeneration, age-related diseases may be prevented and aging process is slowed-down.

Scalar Energy has the ability to increase the energy potential of the cell. Scalar energy can bring the energy level to the optimum -70 millivolts. Cancer cells are low energy cells. By raising cell voltage with scalar energy, the cell in question will no longer need to multiply uncontrollably and hence slow down the spreading of cancer cells.

Scalar energy strengthens chemical bonds within DNA, making it more resistant to damage.

The QuWave Harmonizer has been shown to boost human cell regeneration, immune and neurotransmitter functions. It can help eliminate and nullify effects of disruptive frequencies in the body while optimizing cellular energy levels. This means that you will see an increase in your energy, mental clarity, enhanced health, and overall well-being.

The QuWave Harmonizer keeps your cell energy in the healthy 70-90mV region.

Click Here to read more technical information about "Scalar Wave Energy" and its benefits. 


4. Scalar Energy and the Nervous System 

Scalar energy is able to promote alpha wave frequency in the brain. The brain then resonates at the same vibration as the earth’s energy field and is able to amplify these vibrations. When this frequency is transmitted throughout the body, it assists the cells in the body with achieving a particular resonance which is essential to optimum health.

Scalar energy also promotes a mind that is relaxed, more coherent, aware, creative, focused, and sharp with improved clarity.

The nervous system is extremely sensitive to electro-magnetic frequencies from the environment. Man is constantly bombarded by these fields of energy whether he is at home or at work. Computers, cell phones, television, radio, hair dryers, electric blankets, microwave oven, high tension wires, all create 60 cycle magnetic energy that upsets your brain and nervous system and destabilizes the human body’s electromagnetic field.

The QuWave Harmonizer injects healthy
Scalar Waves
into your whole body.

Symptoms such as headaches, lack of concentration, depression, frequent colds, hyperactivity in children, sleep disturbances, and irritability could all be the result of electro-magnetic stress on the brain and on the human body. These all relate to disturbances with the proper function of the nervous system, which in turn lead to a disturbance of the body’s homeostasis. There is evident in the medical field that links diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s with man make electro-magnetic radiation.

Scalar energy’s expansive and circular movement offers a field of protection around the body. In an attempt to further safe guard the body, this subtle energy system maintains its energy sensitivities by not allowing these harmful energies to disorientate the body’s system. This protective shield produced by the QuWave Harmonizer removes and cancels the effects of man made frequencies (60Hz) on the human body by enhancing the body’s natural defenses against the damaging radiation.

5. Energy Medicine

Energy medicine is not a new field of science. Traditional systems of medicine in India and China have used the principles of Energy Medicine in healing patients for thousands of years, and continue to use it today. Modern day therapies that use the principles of Energy Medicine includes therapies such as biofeedback, meditation, acupuncture, Biofield therapies, bio-magnetic therapies and homeopathy.

Energy Medicine acknowledges energy as a subtle living force. A force that determines the status of one's health and general well-being. In Energy Medicine, the body is seen as a network of vital energy both within and outside the physical body.

All living organisms radiate frequencies created through oscillation. And, under healthy conditions the human electromagnetic systems are normally in equilibrium. The purpose of these natural human radiations is to maintain the natural vibration of healthy cells, and to re-establish the vibrations of unhealthy cells by eliminating the radiations of microbes.

According to Energy Medicine, disease begins when there is a disturbance or obstruction in the energy patterns which disturb the normal oscillations of cells within the human body.

QuWave Products Energy Medicine

When we have a physical illness, disease or injury, irregularities form in the energy field around the body. Even if we attempt to heal the physical problems, it is unlikely that healing will take place until the energy field is balanced and harmonized. 
In Energy medicine, healing takes place with the body activating its natural healing energies. The healing process also restores energy patterns that have become compromised by nurturing the weak links back to health. 

The QuWave Harmonizer, by stimulating the natural body oscillations, has been shown to boost human cell regeneration, improve immune functions, and boost cell neuro-transmitter functions. It can help eliminate and nullify effects of disruptive frequencies in the body while optimizing cellular energy levels. Thus it can provide enhancement of the immune system, which has direct influence on auto-immune diseases such as AIDS, cancer and bacterial/viral diseases.

The QuWave uses technologies which enable the scalar energy to tap into the unending healing potential of the zero point field.

This means that the QuWave Harmonizer can significantly increase your energy, mental clarity, enhanced health, and overall well-being.

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Many users have reported results like these: (your results may vary)

  • Higher Energy
  • Reduced Tension
  • Less Back Pain
  • Improved Sleep
  • Pain Relief
  • Boosted Immunity
  • Faster Healing
  • General Happiness
  • Allergy Relief
  • Less Mood Swings
  • More Rested,Calm
  • Low Blood Pressure
  • Less Headaches
  • Lower Anxiety
  • Reduced Jet Lag
  • Improved "Loving"
  • Less Depression
  • Higher Performance
  • Enhanced Mood
  • Better Wellbeing
  • Lowered Stress