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We now take Bitcoin* as payment!!!
SAVE 10% when paying with Bitcoin!
Bitcoins accepted as payment
(Note: If you don't have any Bitcoins, or don't know about them, then this method is not for you)

We now accept Bitcoins as payment for your order. The Bitcoin payments are not integrated with the shopping cart, and thus the payments need to be made manually. Bitcoin orders will be treated same as phone orders. Here are step-by step instructions for making a Bitcoin purchase: 
1. Decide what you want to buy, and add the items to shopping cart. 
2. Enter your country and postal code. 
3. If you have a discount coupon, add it to the cart. 
4. Click update to see your total amount due. This will be in US$.

5. Take an additional 10% off for using Bitcoin.
6. Make a payment of the amount total in US$ to our Bitcoin wallet. Please use the Bitcoin conversion calculator below to figure out how many Bitcoins to send.
7. Our Bitcoin wallet ID number for making payments is:
Bitcoin Wallet ID for Payments 
7. Send us an email to info@quwave.com informing us that you made a bitcoin payment, the amount (in US$), what you ordered, and your shipping address. You can also call us on phone at 818-478-9283 (M-F 9-5).
8. You must deposit the Bitcoins within two hours, or you will need to recalculate the price since the value of Bitcoins changes continously.
9. We will process and ship the order as soon as we get a verified payment in our wallet. 


Use this calculator to figure out how many Bitcoins to send:
(click the double arrows to convert from US$ to BTC)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Refunds on orders paid with Bitcoin will always be made with a company check in US$, NO EXCEPTIONS!

* If you don't know what Bitcoins are, or how to use them, then you should not be using this method of payment.