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QuWave LLC

Bost Immunity • Fight EMF/5G • Improve Life

Introducing a NEW PRODUCT QuWave Products are Made In USA

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The QuWave Harmonizerâ„¢ is a portable Active Generator which simultaneously generates Quantum Fields, Scalar Waves, and Schumann Resonances for EMF Protection, Improved Health, and Increased Quality of Life.


QuWave Products - A new concept for the new millennium: 

Generate a Protective Cocoon around your whole body.
Block harmful EMFs and feel more alive NOW!
Wear as a pendant, in your pocket/purse, or install permanently in home.
Get up each day to peace, happiness, harmony, and joy.
Stress and EMF radiation will not detract you any longer.
Depression and that burned-out feeling will fade into the past.
Being dragged out with lack of energy will be eliminated.

The Harmonizer is up to 100 Times more Powerful
 then other Scalar Pendants & Energy Bracelets.

QuWave Products might be your Answer to Improved Health and Well-Being --- Simply be within the Protective Biofield every day.

The Harmonizer perfect for people troubled by these conditions:

•  Wakeup Daily with Low Energy
•  Exposed to EMF pollution
•  Hypersensitive and easily irritated
•  Feel Run Down and Fatigued 

•  Have low immunity to everything
  Depression and stress is burning you out
  Feel like just want to run away and hide
•  Have Problems sleeping & waking-up

Select the Harmonizer Model you need from the many styles available:  

All of the QuWave Harmonizers generate a similar Scalar Wave - Schumann Resonance field. They all produce a field to promote Happiness, Wellness, and Healing. However, each product has a different signal strength and is designed for different use.

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Introducing our new Scalar-Field Schumann-Generator. A powerful way to restore the Schumann Resonance in your home or office and protect yourself from dangerous EMFs. This product will flood your environment with two healing frequency energies: the Scalar Field and the Schumann Resonance.

We started with the concepts of Tesla, Rife, and other pioneers in Energy Medicine, and then went a step further to engineer a revolutionary new product that taps into your soul's very own Biofield. Electric energy is found naturally in all of us and controls the function of every cell of our bodies.

QuWave Protection Shield form HarmonizerA variety of electrical impulses in our bodies control and regulate all bodily functions including health maintenance, healing, and regeneration. The QuWave products generate a Vibrational Scalar Electrical Energy field with health-boosting properties which envelops your entire environment.

Research is increasingly cautioning people to protect themselves - your brains, your health (possible Cancer risks), your DNA (breaking the links), and your children (who are more susceptible). The QuWave Harmonizer is the premier product for strengthening you against direct and ambient sources of EMF, including EMF from computers and cell phones.

As the complexity and pressures of our fast-paced, electronic world increases, we find that today's world requires strengthened mental, emotional and physical resilience. You need to protect your DNA and health from the potential dangers of EMF radiation which permeates our homes, school, work, autos, and environment.

Our customers find that the QuWave Harmonizer very quickly amplifies healthy energy states, and decreases energy drains caused by a wide variety of harmful influences. Others are enthusiastic about their new found emotional balance and stamina. The QuWave Harmonizer is the product of choice for those people who value optimal performance and well-being.

Experience the difference a Harmonizer can make in your life.

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The QuWave Harmonizer does four important things:The Stress Blocker generates a Biofield Scalar Energy Field Schumann Resonance around your body 
1. It strengthens your resilience and resistance to the effects of mental and physical stress.
2. It increases your energy and enhances your mental performance,
especially under pressure.
3. It strengthens your capacity to function in EMF saturated environments.
4. It grounds you with the Schumann Resonance to improve your overall performance.

The QuWave Harmonizer uses Quantum-Scalar-Field Technology to project a protective healing Schumann-Resonant active Bio-Field around your entire body.

Benefits of the QuWave Harmonizer 

Get up each day to peace, happiness, harmony, and joy; fully rested from a perfect night's sleep with limitless energy. Stress will not have any effect on you any longer. Depression and feeling burned out will fade into the past. Being dragged out with lack of energy will be eliminated.

 Can Improve your energy so you can start each day charged-up and ready-to-to
 Can Improve your Happiness so you spend each day feeling happy, ready for more challenges
 Can lower depression and reduce stress so you are not burned out all the time
 Can get rid of those upset feelings, hypersensitivity, irritation and aggression
 Can eliminate those feelings that make you want to just run away and hide
 Can reduce pressure, strain, anxiety, and distress
 Can reduce those chronic fatigue and burnout feelings
 Can reduce jet-lag so you are not so tired and dragged out with time-zone changes
 Can improve your sleep so you don't feel so burned out and tired even in the morning
 Can improve sleep patterns so you won't wake up at night so many times
 Can improve your immunity so you wont get sick as often
 Can improve your immunity and make cuts, breaks and sores heal faster
 Can make you perform like a top performer without all that stress

The QuWave Harmonizer Is The Answer
--- Simply be within its field every day.

How can the Harmonizerâ„¢ help to improve your health?

QuWave Harmonizer’s beneficial effect relies purely on augmenting the body's own ability to maintain a more coherent biofield in the face of external electromagnetic stress. Because what is the human body after all if it’s not energy and electricity?

Yes, on the surface we may be made up of muscles and bone. But at the sub-particle level, a lot of what we're made of comes down to 'energy' or 'electricity'. An atom, if you can cast your mind back to science lessons at school, actually consists predominantly of empty space and 'negatively charged electrons', 'positively charged protons' and 'electrically neutral neutrons'. And what are we made up of but atoms?
No wonder you're waking up feeling so fuzzy and fragile.
All living systems in the world – every animal, every plant, every rock and even the planet itself - are based on electromagnetic energy. And they all interact electromagnetically with each other. Within the human body itself, the cells and systems of our body even use electromagnetic biocommunication to communicate with each other.

Is it any wonder, therefore, that studies are now showing how our constant contact with modern machinery is interfering with everything from the way our immune and hormonal systems work to the the state of mind we wake up with in the morning? Living in your body is like flying in a transatlantic plane on which everybody's using their mobile phones and laptops.

What’s happening to us is that the enormous amount of emotional, mental and electromagnetic stress we're now surrounded by, is interfering with our body's natural balance to such an extent that it is making us sick.

Add to this the additional stresses of overwork, family life and the constant stress of needing to excel in a financially rewarding and competitive environment and it's easy to see why so many of us are constantly feeling tired, out of sorts and 'not quite ourselves'.
So let's get back for a minute to how the QuWave Harmonizer device can help.

If you've ever been camping – or taken long walks across open hills – you'll know the feeling of how wonderful your body can feel when it's away from all that electromagnetic and everyday stress. And that's exactly how the QuWave Harmonizer can help you feel – by helping your body's own electric field stay balanced despite the influences from outside.
Like a powerful but invisible tuning fork that returns your body's resonating note to a beautiful, clear pitch.
Carried in your pocket or purse, the QuWave Harmonizer contains the unique QuWave Harmonizer proprietary technology. It is a special oscillating chip which sends out a signal to a special antenna. The QuWave Harmonizer’s frequencies then work like a master tuning fork, constantly reminding the body of its healthy frequencies.
Thousands of people around the world have already discovered that it can completely change your life.

Live every day Stress-Free Without EMF Worries
With our
Schumann-Resonance, Scalar-Field Generators.

Improve your Health, Increase your Quality of Life, get Protection from EMF, and get Grounded.

Tesla Theory and Technology

The QuWave Harmonizer generates a bio-electric quantum scalar/ magnetic field using electromagnetic field technology developed by Nikola Tesla in the early 1900’s. The coil-antennae we use produces a Scalar Wave Field (described as a longitudinal wave field that functions outside of third dimensional space/time). Scalar Waves operate within the etheric field which surrounds the human body.

Since Scalar Waves operate outside of our conventional three-dimensional world, and thus they are not constrained by the limitations of conventional rules of physics.

Using conventional instruments, there is no way to measure the Scalar Field output as it functions outside of conventional physical principles.

QuWave Product History 

We have been making and selling these types of products under different names for many years with thousands of units sold to extremely satisfied customers.

Over this time we have refined and modified the QuWave products through five different generations with 9 different revisions (with each one having improved performance).

With today’s new computer technology and micro-electronics we have been able to reduce the size and weight of the original unit by 75%, down to a size that can actually be worn as a pendant. At the same time, we have introduced the Home Model which has many times the power output to protect you even in the most extreme conditions.

The QuWave uses a special proprietary triple bifilar antenna which was first developed by Nikola Tesla, and after years of experimentation by our engineers, improved, miniaturized, and adapted into our products. This is the secret of our product and is the actual converter that changes a special RF radio signal into the Scalar Waves.

The QuWave is a professionally engineered quality unit, with many years of research behind it, thoroughly tested and guaranteed to operate as per the specifications. It's exclusive technology is light years ahead of most instruments in research, accuracy, safety features, and convenience. And its built in digital computer assures accurate frequency delivery.

We are the actual manufacturer of the QuWave products, so all models are always in stock and you can be assured of the best service.

Scalar & Schumann Frequencies

When we began our search we first were building a low frequency Earth Resonance Generator. Over the past 10 years, we continued our research, and found that it is sometimes difficult to stimulate all the bodily cells in some individuals. It took many years of experimentation to find the best way to apply the Schumann resonance to the human body. We finally discovered that you need a more powerful medium to optimally stimulate the body chemistry, and this has been found to be Scalar Waves. To achieve the end result we wanted, we had to redesign the whole product many times, until optimum results were achieved.

We were looking for a frequency that would meet our requirements. We were checking through hundreds of frequencies in locating the best possible signal which would have maximum penetration into the human Biofield. Little did we know that the particular frequency we choose was only .02 off the actual frequency that the “Arc of the Covenant” functions at. (Described in the Bible. Also the feature in the movie Indiana Jones)

We now have discovered why this frequency is so powerful. It apparently is a universal frequency that will activate the bodies healing modalities. Anything or anybody who emits a negative energy is repelled by this frequency.

The QuWave products are gaining worldwide attention as the leader in personal Energy Medicine products.

Personal Model Harmonizer comes in Black or White. Kit includes Neckstrap to wear as Scalar Pendant, Protective Carrying Case, AC Charger, Car charger, USB Charger Cable, and FREE BONUS GIFT: Book about Energy Medicine.
Most products are available in several colors (photo of White & Black Personal Harmonizer)

Kit contains: Personal QuWave Harmonizer, Charger Cable, International AC Adapter, user instructions.

 Car Charger,
a protective cover sock, a neck strap lanyards (sock & strap random colors).

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