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Improved Life with Wave Technology: Scalar Schumann Orgone Solfeggio


  Mother's Day Newsletter                                    May 2014



Get that special gift for Mother's Day

Nothing says more about your love for Mom than sharing the gift of harmony, good health, vital energy, and happiness. QuWave has the gift that is right for your Mother. To help make this loving gift happen we are offering a $50 discount coupon good for the entire month of May.  Click here for the $50 Coupon


QuWave Personal Harmonizer for Mom

Get protection from EMF and improve well-being with a Scalar Field Protective Cocoon. Get grounded with Schumann Resonance, no matter where Mom goes. Up to one hundred times more powerful than other Scalar Pendants and Energy Bracelets. The Harmonizer produces an energy field to promote Happiness, Wellness, Healing, and to repel the negative effects of EMF pollution. This will make mom and your whole family happier and healthier. Click for more info...


Products designed with Mom in mind

Many QuWave Products have been designed for people like your mom (and all in your family). Here are a few:

DIVINE- Helps with Meditation & Spiritual Connections

AMORE-  Improve Friendships, Romance, and Intimacy

RELAXER- Relaxes & Heals the Brain, Body, and Spirit

Click for more info...


Customer Testimonials

Mom has done so much to nurture your health and well being. QuWave products offer a meaningful way to say thanks for all that she has done. It's a gift that keeps on giving everyday of the year. Is a QuWave product right for your Mom? Please do your homework. Check out what our customers say about the products they have integrated into their daily lives. Click for more Info...

Get a QuWave for improved living.

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