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Improved Life with Wave Technology: Scalar Schumann Orgone Solfeggio


QuWave June Newsletter                                           June 2014


Use Scalar Orgone Chi Energized Water for Healthier Fun

As summer starts and you use the water hose to water your garden and to play with your kids, you can now Improve the Quality of your water with our QuWave Energizer. This will infuse water with Positive Scalar Waves and Chi Energy to restructure the water molecules into smaller clusters. The smaller water clusters enhance the bio-availability of water and improve functions within your body or garden plants. Click for info ...


Improved International Support

Website now has more support for International Customers:

Multi-Language Website Translation - Just choose your Country, and our entire website will be translated into your language. Click on the "Select Language" button on top-right of any page of the website and select your country.

Currency Converter - With this calculator you can find out how much our products cost in your country. Click for info ...


Introducing the new "IN and OUT" Bundled Package

The Personal Harmonizer has a protective cocoon 8ft in diameter and is portable so we can carry it wherever we go. This is fine for when we are traveling, but when at home who wants to carry it all the time? We are introducing a new "In and Out" Bundled Package that includes one personal Harmonizer AND one House Harmonizer at a highly discounted price. The Home Harmonizer emits Scalar Energy and the Schumann Resonance up to 50 feet in diameter. You simply plug it in, and let it take care of protecting you anywhere in your home. This way you are protected when you are indoors , and when you go out. The "In and Out" Package saves you $200 over individual product purchase. Click for more info...




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Customer Question of the Month:

Q: What's the difference between Harmonizer and Defender?

A: Harmonizers generate Scalar Waves with Schumann Resonance for happiness, improved well-being, to fight EMF, and to ground you. While the Defender generates Scalar Waves with Solfeggio Frequencies to protect you from harmful negative influences or attacks and to soothe/heal you from pain and external damage.
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