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QuWave August Newsletter                                  August 2014


Harmonizer gives Protection from Sun and EMF at the beach


While at the beach, we are all aware of the harmful radiation from the sun, so we slather on sun block. But who's aware of the harmful EMF radiation from electronics? So many things can damage our health with EMFs: radios, cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc. With the Personal Harmonizer, you no longer have to worry. Smaller than a bottle of Sun Block, carry the Harmonizer in your beach bag and be protected from all the harmful EMFs around you, including the cell phone and iPad you are using to post your “fun day at the beach” photos. Click for more info ...


Pet Harmonizer $50 Discount expires soon !!!

Last month we introduced the new Pet Harmonizer to protect your dogs & cats from dangerous EMFs and to improve your pets overall well-being. To celebrate the introduction, we are still offering the $50 discount. But time is running out, you need to order soon, as the discount will expire on August 31st.

Click here to get the discount code


Get the most out of your vacation

Vacations are the best, they are what we work for in life. The point of a vacation is to enjoy your life to the max, which for many people means driving to get to that vacation destination. Many people don't realize that your car is a huge source of harmful EMFs. This is why we invented the "Car Harmonizer". The Car Harmonizer is designed to protect you from the powerful EMF pollution generated in your car or truck and make your drive less stressful. This way you will arrive at your vacation destination more relaxed and in a better mood. You will be all ready to enjoy your time off and get the most out of that vacation.  Click for more ...


Customer Question of the Month:

Q: With summer here, does QuWave make any products to make me feel less hot?

A: We have no products that will cool you down as this is not what Scalar Energy was created to do. However, one of the effects of Scalar Energy is the ability to make people feel more calm and relaxed. This type of feeling can take away the impact of heat and can help you stay more tolerant so the heat will not bother you. The Scalar Waves ease your mind and body. You will be able to unwind and positively embrace everything around you. When you are at your most calm and happiest, things around you never seem as bad. Get a Harmonizer, it will make you feel better. Click for more info

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