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QuWave October Newsletter                          October 2014


Protect Yourself from Ghosts !!!

It will be a long Halloween for all those ghosts this year as Scalar Energy blocks them from being able to haunt people! Our Defender products combine Scalar Waves with Solfeggio Frequencies for healing and for defense. For years our customers have been using the QuWave Defender to protect themselves from Spiritual, Psychotronic, and Psychic Attacks.   Click for more info ...

Interesting Facts about EMF Electro-Pollution !

- EMF today is 100 million times greater than it was 100 years ago

- EMF has increased 1,000,000 times in just the last decade

- EMF has been categorized as a Class 2 Carcinogen

- Over 2000 studies link EMF to Cancer, Alzheimers, & other Diseases

- Results of many studies are kept secret to preserve corporate profit

- EMFs are a worse disaster than toxic waste, radiation, or asbestos

- Companies won't admit EMFs are dangerous because of liability

- The closer you are to an EMF source, the more you will be harmed

- Cell phones can cause the most damage to your brain

- Using a cell phone is like sticking your head in a microwave oven

- Cell phones can harm your reproductive system (reduce sperm 25%)

- Scalar Energy helps your body deal with negative effects of EMF

- QuWave Scalar Energy Products can help combat EMF dangers

Click to read more about EMF Pollution ...


Factoid and a most often asked question:

Q: Can I use two models at the same time?

A: ABSOLUTELY YES. We have many customers using 2 models together, be it the Harmonizer, or the specialized Solfeggio products. The more units you have, the stronger the beneficial field will be. We have many testimonials from customers using multiple products with multiplied positive results.

This is why we offer the "Couples Package", where you  save 30% over individual prices by purchasing a bundle of two. You can substitute any personal model in this package by contacting us, or if you want different products, we can make a custom bundled package just for you. Check our Online Store to see the many bundled packages available at 30-40% discounts.

Customer Question of the Month:

Q: Will my Personal Model effect the people near me?

A: The personal models emit a field 8-10ft in diameter. Because of this, customers ask if their partner or pet can be effected by the product. Scalar Energy effects are cumulative, the more exposure, the more you absorb and sync with it. This is why we suggest to be in the field 24/7. The more scalar energy the better. If someone comes near you briefly, they most likely will not feel any effects. But if someone is near you all the time, such as your partner, they might also feel the beneficial effects of our products. We have many reports of entire families enjoying the amazing benefits from our products, even though only one person has it. So, go ahead, get a product for yourself, and you might notice everyone around you feels happier and healthier. Click for more info

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